✨ Thank you for a wonderful Neuro Pride 2022! ✨

A BIG thanks to all our participants, volunteers, and organisers who have made Neuro Pride 2022 an unforgettable event! 

✨ Celebrate Neurodivergent People ✨

Learn about us, from us! We are starting a series of ‘Ask me anything’ webinars where our community members share their experience in different areas of life. In our short ‘Neuro Myths’ videos, community members will debunk common misconceptions. And our virtual Neuro Pride Parade will be an opportunity for everyone to show their pride and support. 

Get involved: Send us your questions, messages of support, and pride selfies! For more information, see our submission page.

✨ Celebrate Neurodivergent Community ✨

Let’s meet up! We are back this year with a variety of virtual meetups such as our Welcome Drop In, Newbie Meet, Mental Health Check-in, Activist Meet, Art Session, Parent Chat, LGBTQ+ Meet, and Game Night. There will also be community-led picnics in different locations.

Get involved: Join our Facebook group (ND/questioning adults only) or Discord Server (with an ally area) to chat with like-minded people and organise your own local summer meetup!

✨ Celebrate Neurodivergent Culture ✨

We would like to share one of the best things about ND culture: our interests and hobbies. We will create an Interest Island on our website and social media where community members can share their passion and joy, as well as Lightning Talks on Zoom: Friday, 5th August, 7-9pm.

Get involved: Send us a blog post, pictures, or short video about your hobby or interest! For more information: see our submission page. Get in touch if you would like to do a lightning talk!

We are looking forward to seeing you!

We are going to post our event schedule and sign-up information soon!

In the meanwhile, you can have a look at last year’s art gallery, poetry corner, and Youtube videos. If you want to find out more about Neuro Pride, have a look at our values and our team. Please get in touch if you would like to volunteer with us!

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Community Resources

Community Resources and Recommendations Our community members have a wealth of knowledge that they willingly share with one another. Here


Youtube Videos

Youtube Vidoes Our YouTube channel is full of videos all from Neurodivergent people where we aim to educate general public

ABA is not the answer

ABA is not the answer. It asks the wrong question.

In this post, Sarah Dwan (Life Through My Lens) explains why ABA is harmful and what therapies to choose instead to address concrete needs and struggles in a neuro-affirmative way.

White-yellow text on purple background: International Non-Binary People's Day. The text is framed by two hands holding non-binary flags. Non-Binary, neurodivergent and proud

Non Binary Day 2022

Today is International Non-Binary People’s Day and we wanted to platform some of the non-binary members of our community’s voices.


5 Do’s & Don’ts for #AutismMonth: Please Read before you Tweet

Here are 5 simple, very basic ways you can show your support and make Autistic people feel more appreciated by using our symbols, our colours, and our language.


Breaking the Bias against Neurodivergent Women – International Women’s Day 2022

For International Women’s Day, we asked our community: In what ways are people biased against you? How can we #BreakTheBias against Neurodivergent women? Thank you so much for your sharing your stories! It takes courage and compassion, and we are proud to have your trust.

how to be a good ally logo

How to Be an Ally to the Neurodivergent Community

It can be difficult to know how best to support the neurodivergent people in your life. Here’s a guide with a few simple steps you can take today to support our community. Please share widely!

Our Neuro Galaxy - a space-themed constellation of Neurodivergences - the word 'Neurodivergence' in the centre surrounded by all types of ND, such as autism, dyspraxia, BPD and more (full list in blog post)

What is Neurodiversity? Am I ‘Neurodivergent enough’ for Neuro Pride?

What is neurodiversity? What counts as neurodivergence? Am I neurodivergent? All those neuro-words can be confusing, but we are here to help!

Blog title in gold-yellow on purple rainbow background. Text is framed by two stacks of five rainbow infinity loops each in front of light green clouds. Bottom left: AutLoud Logo. Top right: Autistic Pride 2021 in green and orange.

Autistic Pride: “I’m proud of my obstructive, irritating, bloody-minded, arrogant persistence.”

We asked members of the Autistic community in Ireland to share why they are proud to be Autistic. Al, an architect and widowed father of three, kindly shared his beautifully, brutally honest story.

CW: Mentioning of a suicide bombing, suicidal ideation, cancer, death, bullying.