About Us

Neuro Pride Ireland is a volunteer-led grassroots DPO (Disabled Persons’ Organisation) founded in 2021. It is led by Neurodivergent adults living in Ireland. We host regular online meetups year-round as well as our Neuro Pride festival in August. 8th August is Neuro Pride Day. Celebrate with us!

Our mission is to create a community where Neurodivergent (ND) people can connect, share their ideas and experiences, and be proud of who they are. We also strive to help educate the public through our blog, social media sites, and YouTube channel. We advocate for Neurodiversity-affirming services and supports, which does not include behaviourist approaches such as ABA and PBS.

Our vision is an Ireland and a world in which every person is respected, every person’s needs are met and strengths are fostered, regardless of their neurology.

We wish to create a space where we can

  • Create an inclusive Neurodivergent community
  • Advocate for acceptance, inclusion, and ND-affirming supports and services 
  • Share our journeys, experiences, thoughts, and opinions
  • Spread joy through our creative projects, interests, and passions
  • Exchange practical advice on daily life, mental health, work, relationships, and parenting 
  • Provide information about supports and services in Ireland 
  • Give our take on current events and publications 
  • Provide our perspective on the latest Neurodiversity research

Please help us create this space! You can join our events, share our posts, and get involved. You do not need a diagnosis. We are a community, not a medical space. Self-identification is valid. People who are questioning whether they might be Neurodivergent are welcome in our ND-only spaces as well!

If you are a neurotypical ally, you are more than welcome to engage, learn, volunteer with us, and participate in our public events. We need YOU to spread the pride!

Neuro Pride is about celebration and indignation, love and rage, strengths and struggles. No tragedy narrative. No superpowers, either. Just ordinary people. We celebrate neurodiversity and advocate for genuine acceptance and inclusion. Lip service and buzz words are not good enough.

So much of the discussion around Neurodivergence is based on medicalised and deficit-based definitions.  We are not a neat list of symptoms or a set of diagnostic criteria. This is a space for the Neurodivergent community in Ireland to connect, to talk about life, love, and lessons learned. We will share our creativity, skills, passions, and interests.

Find out more about Neurodiversity and all those neuro-words.