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ADHDay: 11/11/22

Celebrate ADHDay with us on 11/11/22 – easy to remember, but best put those 5 reminders in your calendar now, just in case! Let’s debunk some common misconceptions & celebrate our ADHD community members on Friday, 11th November: We are going to have a panel discussion, a social meetup, and social media posts (all online).

✨ Panel Discussion: The AHA! Moment – ADHD Debunked

Friday, 11th Nov, 6:30-7:30

Join our panel discussion and watch our panellists debunk common misconceptions about ADHD. Let’s reframe ADHD in a neuro-affirming way:

• Gillian Kearns (Host), Early Childhood Educator & Co-founder of Neuro Pride
• Maqqi, Educator & Researcher, Founder of Infinite Diversity
• Katie Kerley, OT & Clinical Director of Horizons Therapy Services
• Joana Hermann, Community Engagement Officer at AUsome Training & Co-founder of Neuro Pride.

This is a free webinar-style event, so the audience will not be visible, but you can comment and ask questions using the chatbox. Everybody is welcome to join, Neurodivergent or not!

Zoom Link: Please see our Event Section on our private FB Group/Discord server, or email us.

✨ Social Meetup: ADHDay Celebration

Friday, 11th Nov, 8:00-9:30 (or until we get tired)

This is a space to cherish our ADHD ways. Let’s share our random anecdotes and *actually useful* life hacks with each other! There will be breakout rooms to ensure everybody has time to speak, but there is no pressure to interact.This meetup is only open to Neurodivergent and Questioning people, ADHD or not. Teenagers must be accompanied by an adult. It is okay to keep your mic/camera on or off.

Zoom Link: Please see our Event Section on our private FB Group/Discord server, or email us.

✨ Social Media Posts: ADHD Myths & Misconceptions

Tuesday, 1st, to Friday, 11th Nov, on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Pop over to our socials where we bust an ADHD myth a day. We will also be sharing video contributions and our AuDHD poll results.

✨ ‘AuDHD’ Poll

We would like to get to know our community better, so we are doing a quick poll to see how many in our community are Autistic, ADHD, Autistic + ADHD, or suspecting one or both!

It’s anonymous. It’s one question. Feel free to share:

Regular Events for Neurodivergent People

We host a variety of online meetups for Neurodivergent people and those who are questioning their neurotype. If you want to join, please join our Facebook group, Discord server, or just send us a message and we will pass on the Zoom links. Our events are usually 18+ unless otherwise specified. Some might be suitable for older teenagers as long as they are accompanied by an adult – just get in touch beforehand and we will figure it out! Please read our Meetup Guidelines for more information.

Crafts Meetup

An opportunity for people to chat while they work on their own projects. Participants crochet, knit, draw, paint, colour, doodle, write – all types of crafts and all skill levels are welcome. Sometimes we share tips and tricks on how to make a certain craft more accessible. You can show us your work, but there’s no pressure to do so. We often have a short presentation on an artist of the month or a guest host who will guide us through a simple, optional activity.

Game Night

Join our monthly Game Night on Zoom! We play interactive games like Jackbox Party Packs 1-6, Gartic Phone, Scattergories, Boggle, “NDs” against Humanity, and more! Usually we have a quick vote on the evening to decide what to play. Most games are best played using two screens, for example a phone and a laptop – one to see the zoom call with questions and prompts, the other to answer them.

Book Club

We don’t have a ‘book of the month’ at our non-traditional book club. Instead, we talk about anything we have read or would like to read, whether it’s an all-time favourite or our current read, regardless of genre, medium, or topic. Fiction and non-fiction, novels, poetry, children’s and YA literature, comic books, graphic novels, and biographies are all equally welcome. It doesn’t matter if you read or listen, use paper or e-books, devour a book in a day or read a page a month – just come along and share your interests!


Join our networking meetup for Neurodivergent people who are • self employed • freelancers • volunteers • looking for work • want to start a business or anyone else who is interested in networking. This is a casual social chat where we can share our skills and ideas, come up with exciting projects, and make new connections! As always, feel free to bring your fidgets or stim toys, wear whatever clothes you are comfortable in, and leave your camera on or off.
Email us if you would like to join our Networking WhatsApp group!

We are looking forward to seeing you at our meetups!