Get involved

There are several ways to get involved in Neuro Pride: You can help us organise events, contribute to our blog or Youtube channel, or simply join our Facebok community and Zoom events.

Volunteer with us

We are looking for volunteers for our year-round events and especially our festival in the beginning of August.

Get in touch if you would like to:

  • host (online) meetups such as chat & craft, game night, lightning talks, and more
  • help us create an “Ask me anything”-type series of webinars and online meetups
  • create content for us such as videos, graphics, or blog posts
  • moderate or create community spaces online
  • run your own community and want to cooperate
  • have other ideas

If you agree with our vision & mission, get in touch and let us know about your ideas! 

Who can become a volunteer?

We are a grassroots community led by Neurodivergent people in Ireland. Neurotypical volunteers are more than welcome, as long as you agree to centre our experience and respect Neurodivergent culture, identities, and communication styles! 

Share your experience & opinions

We would like to use our blog, social media, and Youtube channel to share your stories, experiences, and opinions! 

  • You’re a Neurodivergent adult (self-identification is valid!)
  • You are from Ireland/Northern Ireland or you live here, or have a connection to the island
  • You have read and agreed to our Contribution Guidelines

We particularly wish to encourage contributions by Neurodivergent people who are

  • non-speaking 
  • multiply Neurodivergent / Disabled  
  • chronically ill / have a mental health condition
  • members of ethnic minorities and other marginalised groups
  • parents or carers themselves
  • un- or underemployed, on low income
  • older community members
We are looking forward to your personal stories, opinion pieces, pictures and videos of your art & SPINs, be they
  • written or multimedia
  • one-off or regular
  • anonymous or out and proud!

Join our community

You don’t have to volunteer to get involved. One of our main aims is to create supportive community spaces.

If you are Neurodivergent or questioning, you are welcome to join our Facebook group or pop into one of our Zoom meetups. Check out our Event section for more information.

Get in touch

Maybe you have loads of ideas, but find it difficult to reach out to new people. Or maybe you really want to be part of Neuro Pride, but don’t know where to start.

Don’t worry, we understand! 

There is no need for formality – just tell us what you would like to do or send us a simple “Hi, I’d like to get involved!” and we can figure out the rest together. 

Please let us know how we can support you and your access to our site. We are happy to liaise with third parties such as a partner, carer, parent, guardian, or friend, who is assisting you.


Contribution Guidelines

We reserve the right to reject or remove comments, blog posts, and video submissions, and as a last resort, ban individuals and institutions from our website and/or social media sites.

Unacceptable posts and comments include, but are not limited to:

  • All forms of hate speech, bullying, and incitement of illegal activity 
  • Copyright infringement, libel, and all other violations of Irish /EU law
  • Misinformation about neurodivergences, such as the claim of a link between autism and the MMR vaccine 
  • Promotion of harmful “therapies”, “treatments”, “cures”, and supplements, including ABA/PBS
  • Association with organisations and groups that support any of the above

Individual contributions do not necessarily reflect the opinion of all Neuro Pride organisers and volunteers. We reserve the right to edit posts for legibility, tag them with content warnings, and edit or remove posts that violate our values or the rules laid out above. We also reserve the right to use contributions or excerpts to promote Neuro Pride on social media, in newsletters, etc. The copyright remains with the contributors unless otherwise agreed.