Meetup Guidelines

Guidelines for our Online Meetups

We want you to feel comfortable at our meetups and be yourself!

Before our meetups

  • Our meetups are for Neurodivergent people and those who are questioning their neurotype only. Events that are open to everyone will be marked as such.

  • Our meetups take place on Zoom unless otherwise specified. To access the link, join our Facebook group, Discord server, or email us. You can also use those spaces to chat with other community members before/after the meetup.

  • For safeguarding reasons, minors can only attend if accompanied by an adult. Minors cannot attend events marked as ‘adults/18+ only’.

  • If you are nervous or have accessibility needs not mentioned here, feel free to message us any time! We are happy to support you any way we can!

  • We do not tolerate hate speech, bullying, harrassment, or discrimination against minorities. We reserve the right to remove participants from the call.

During our meetups

  • At the beginning, your host(s) will introduce themselves and share some of the meetup guidelines. Participants will have the opportunity to share short, optional introductions. Hosts will have topic-related questions at hand to keep the conversation going.

  • To keep group sizes comfortable, your hosts may create breakout rooms and divide up participants.

  • You can keep your camera/mic on or off. There is no pressure to speak or participate actively. You’re welcome to type your messages or just listen.

  • Pop in and out as you please. If you arrive late or have to leave early, that’s no problem.

  • Bring your fidgets, stims, sparkles, crafts stuff, weighted blankets, support person, or pet. It’s okay if your children are in the room, but please note: Some topics might not be suitable for children.

  • Wear whatever you like. You can be in your pyjamas in bed or wherever you feel comfortable.

  • Please turn your microphone off after speaking in case there is background noise – a host might have to mute you to avoid sensory overload, but you can unmute yourself at any time to speak.

  • Please give warning if you are going to show anything with flashing lights or sudden loud noises.

  • People in other time zones are welcome to join! All times are “Irish Time”.

  • We use communication traffic lights:

    🟢 GREEN = Anybody can talk to me
    🟡 YELLOW = Only talk to me if I talk to you first
    🔴 RED = Don’t talk to me, I’m just watching/listening/away from the screen

    We will type the corresponding colour behind our names in the beginning, but you can change colours any time.

  • There will be auto-generated live captions but you can turn them off if it is distracting.

  • Please be aware that participants might talk about difficult topics and experiences that you might find triggering. It is okay to leave or take a break at any time.

After our meetups

  • You can chat on our Facebook Group and Discord Server to continue the conversation.

  • Please treat all personal information shared during our meetups and on our FB group/Discord as confidential. Do not share details about other people’s diagnoses or experiences with anybody. Do not share screenshots of meetups or group posts.

  • If you have any questions or feedback, please message us any time!