Submissions for Neuro Pride 2022

Submissions for Neuro Pride 2022

The festival is over, but you are still welcome to send in questions, videos, pictures, and blog posts to add to our page! Just email us.

Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed to our Interest Island and our YouTube Channel! 

Neurodivergent People:

Show your pride

Send us a selfie with a sign/poster using the hashtag #NeuroPrideDay or #NeuroPride22. Take a picture with your friends, your family, your pets, in your favourite place or engaging in your favourite hobby or stim! We will share all your proud faces at our virtual Neuro Pride ‘Parade’ on YouTube on Neuro Pride Day, 8 August.

Share your joy

Tell us about your hobby or interest! Send us a blog post (max 300 words), pictures (max 5) and/or a video (max. 5 min).  We will showcase all your contributions on social media, Youtube, and our website. We are also hosting lightning talks on 5 August – get in touch if you would like to talk about your interest for 5-7 min.


Show your support

Organisations, communities, public figures and members of the public – show the world that you stand with us! Record a video message of support (max 2-3 min, landscape mode, .mov or .mp4) for our virtual Neuro Pride ‘Parade’ on YouTube! International submissions welcome!

Share your questions

What do you want to know about ND life? Do you have a question about a specific neurotype/condition (Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, BPD etc.)? Do you want to know about a specific area of life (work, education, relationships, holidays, etc.)? Just ask us anything! We will use your questions to inform our educational content!

Submissions, Deadline 1 August. Show your Pride: Neuro Pride selfies, share your Joy: Interests and Hobbies, Show your Support: video messages, Share your Questions: about Neurodivergent life